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Welcome to Rose Ceremonies.


Our commitment to you is to create a meaningful and unique day to remember.


Rose Ceremonies works with you to design your fully custom wedding ceremony. 

All of our wedding packages include:

  • Ceremony questionnaire used to personalize your ceremony

  • In person or virtual consultation and planning meeting

  • Ongoing email support and guidance

  • Selection of sample ceremonies and readings to review

  • All legal paperwork completed and submitted

2024 Booking
Now Open

2024 booking is now open!

Please note: May and June 2024 are unavailable.


I have the absolute joy and pleasure to spend my time with couples on one of the happiest days of their lives. Check out some of those days!

L + N

"It was the best day of our lives. Everything was so perfect. I want to say how much we appreciated all your help and your patience. Thank you so so much for being patient. Every vendor I picked for this wedding turned out to be a blessing to our day. So thank you for being part of it and getting us married."

Meet Maddy!

Marriage is an intentional joining of two hearts, two lives, and two individuals journeys’. It is an absolute honour to be a part of this incredible life moment where two people take a pause in their journey together to declare their love and intent to build and grow as one for the rest of their lives. Marriage represents the culmination of events and experiences that have led two people to choose each other as their life partner.  It is an honour to be able officiate your wedding and to create a meaningful and unique ceremony that represents the two of you and your union. As an Accredited Official with the Angels of the Earth Interfaith Community I am fortunate to be licensed with the province of Ontario to legally officiate your big day.



How do we obtain a marriage licence in Ontario?

To get married in Ontario, you will have to obtain a marriage licence through the municipality and the fee is paid directly to the city (tip: shop around, some municipalities are cheaper than others!). Your marriage license is valid for 90 days after you receive it. You do not need to obtain your marriage license from the same municipality you live in or are getting married in, it can be from any Ontario municipality. Your licence and other documents you receive will be used during your wedding ceremony to officiate the marriage.

How can we apply for a marriage certificate?

In Ontario you can apply online or by mail for your marriage certificate. There is a small fee associated with this. A marriage certificate is required to assume your partners last name. You may apply immediately after your wedding takes place, but note that there is a waiting time of about 6-12 weeks for processing and registering marriages. Once the marriage has been registered you will be sent your marriage certificate in the mail.

What is the difference between our marriage license and the marriage certificate?

A marriage license is the document you must obtain BEFORE your wedding, and it is used to actually perform the legal wedding. A marriage certificate is the written record of your marriage, and is obtained after the wedding. This is the document you will use to assume your partners last name, and to provide proof of marriage.

How much can we customize our wedding?

There are a few legal aspects of the marriage that must occur during the ceremony in order to fulfill the requirements of the Ontario Marriage Act. Outside of those legal parts, it is fully customizable.

Should we have a rehearsal?

This depends on a few factors like how big your wedding and wedding party are. If you are having a small and intimate wedding ceremony with only one witness on each side, a rehearsal may not be needed. On the contrary if you are having a large wedding or have a large wedding party with a processional and recessional with several moving parts a rehearsal is strongly recommended.

Who can perform weddings?

Weddings can be performed by select individuals who are either affiliated with a religious body, licensed municipal clerks, a justice of the peace, or a licensed judge. To check to see if an individual is licensed by the province of Ontario to perform marriage ceremonies you can search the registry

Can my friend marry us?

Simply put, probably not. In Ontario only registered officials can perform marriage ceremonies. BUT we are happy to work alongside a friend or loved one to ensure all of the legal aspects are taken care of before, during or after the ceremony that is led by your special person! 

Do you travel?

We are located in Ottawa, but will have select dates/weekends in Kingston as well, please get in touch for our availability. Additional locations may be agreed upon. Please note that weddings MUST take place in the province of Ontario.

For a copy of our info package get in touch!

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